Sabbath Worship Service | Next, New, Now: "Slavishly Gracious"

Feb 17, 2024    Pastor Jonathan Henderson

Though she remains nameless in the Bible, I’m gonna call her Gracie. Gracie’s story is a tragedy of sorts. She’s taken away from her family during a Syrian raid, that most likely cost the lives of her parents and siblings. Gracie is then forced to wait on the wife of her captor (also likely the murderer of her parents). Though it felt as if God had abandoned her, justice seemingly strikes when Gracie’s enslaver falls deathly ill. Yet instead of sitting back and taking delight in the suffering of someone who caused so much suffering, this young lady defies all logic by making a suggestion that leads to one of greatest Bible stories of all time. Don’t miss this inspirational story as we continue our sermon series Next | New | Now.