Our Story

How it all started...

The Vallejo Drive Church has been part of the community for almost a hundred years, and in addition to providing a vibrant faith community for generations of families, has been integrally involved with health, education and community ministry in Glendale. Below are just a few notes from our church’s history.  Vallejo Drive Church was originally organized as the Glendale Sanitarium Seventh-day Adventist Church into the Southern California Conference on July 23, 1924 with 80 members.  In 1928 with generous support from the Sanitarium, the Conference organizations, and the “40 Cents a Week” from the members, an attractive 600 seat sanctuary was erected at a cost of $32,000.

Another significant history fact is that on the brink of the Great Depression, the members were able to cap it all off with a fine refurbished pipe organ for $4,500.  Between the years of 1957-1967 the membership grew and church seating became a weekly crisis. Under the inspired leadership of Pastors Campbell, Escobar and Pelt, the congregation found themselves 10 years and $1 million later in an adequate, debt-free, new church home. The new church was dedicated in November, 1967. In 1964, the church program-bulletin bore for the first time the name—Vallejo Drive Seventh-day Adventist Church.

The church has existed on the current site for 60 years.  A lot of history has passed and many wonderful people have come and gone during that time. The Vallejo Drive Church has been a stalwart institution in our community. It has stood for excellence and inspiration on many fronts.

Four key characteristics set Vallejo Drive Church apart in our community.  Part of our identity is the excellent preaching, the key ingredient in the growth of our church. Our pastoral staff takes seriously our heritage of providing inspiring, practical preaching about God’s grace and acceptance.  Another key is the excellent music, which dates back to the installation of a pipe organ in 1929, opening the doors for a rich musical heritage. We have been and continue to be blessed each week by talented musicians; outstanding organists, chancel choir and a myriad of performers bring an inspiration to worship that is matched by few. We are committed to praising God with all that is uplifting and inspirational.  Our excellent Sabbath School programs draw people of all ages; adults, young adults, teens or children to church every Sabbath morning making this place a bustle of activity each week. Every branch of Sabbath School has its own unique way of presenting spiritual lessons in practical ways. Sneak a peek in the children’s classes and you will see kids singing, painting, coloring, and dramatizing Bible stories.  The faithful giving of our members enables us to be a great financial resource to the local conference, the denomination, area schools and students, and media ministries. The generosity of our members provides weekly funding for Sabbath School programs, Vacation Bible School, Community Services, Homeless Feedings, Needy Relief, Pathfinders Organization and other local projects.

Vallejo Drive Seventh Day Adventist Church
Architect: Robert Burman
In an article about Vallejo Drive SDA Church the Los Angeles Conservancy  shares this description and history -- Vallejo Drive Church is  "rare in ecclesiastical buildings, with a round, folded-plate roof and a circular sanctuary and a delightfully playful take on Mid-Century Modern... Completed in 1967, the church was designed by local architect Robert Burman of Burman, Clow & Rasmussen. He was an Adventist himself and a prolific church designer, completing more than eighty-five of them on the West Coast during his career. Burman said the Glendale church was one of his favorites." 

Our Future!

We Are Kingdom Builders!

  1. Our church MUST be a house of prayer for all peoples. Much prayer, much power. Little prayer, little power.   Action: We will solicit volunteer prayer warriors to pray during the week and on Sabbaths for the will of God to be done in our church.
  2. We will immediately implement community outreach ministries. Action: Homeless visitation, Food Bank/SOS, Police/Fire department prayer circles, etc.
  3. We will affirm the dignity of all mankind and become the justice denied to people of color. Action: Host virtual race relations summit, identify and remedy the impact of structural racism in our city.
  4. We will call for an end to racism, sexism and tribalism in our church and in society.  Action: Practice fellowship that is not driven by our differences, but by our commonality. Talk about these issues openly and seek reconciliation.
  5. We will fully adopt the evangelistic method of Jesus: Mingling with people as those who desire their good. Action: continue to implement our Friendship Evangelism model.
  6. We will only elect officers committed to the ministry of Jesus, and not the acquisition of power. Action: Pray for and model this principle now, as the nominating process is just beginning. We will walk slowly through this process to allow for prayerful perception of God’s will.
  7. We will worship humbly in the spirit of adoration, gratitude and love. Our musical expression in that worship will not be dominated by only one form or style. We will set a large table and invite many musical idioms that glorify God.  Action: Our worship committee will share a learning process with leadership and then the whole church on music ministry and how to effectively use music for worship, praise and outreach.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Saturday as we gather to worship together at 9:30 am and 11 am.