Sabbath Worship Service | Next, New, Now: "Extraordinary"

Feb 10, 2024    Aivars Ozolins, Assoc. Pastor

Early in life, we're taught the harsh realities of the world: touch a hot stove, get burned; jump from a high ledge, risk injury; and death, sadly, feels final. Life often unfolds with predictable outcomes given how we understand the natural and physics. But then there's God, and we’re taught He can operate outside the predictable and learned outcomes in life. It’s these understandings of the ordinary and extraordinary that often create a faith crisis—when we need God to act supernaturally in the natural realm. Does He see us? Does He care? Why doesn’t He answer our prayers? This Sabbath we delve into the remarkable story of the Shunammite woman and her miracle son’s death in 2 Kings 4. How does she handle her crisis of faith, when the extraordinary and ordinary collide in tragic fashion? Don’t miss the next chapter in our Next | New | Now series entitled: Extraordinary.