Sabbath Worship Service | "Merry Mary"

Dec 9, 2023    Pastor Jonathan Henderson

This holiday season is all about how the Father who “so loved, that He gave His only Son.” But what about the mother? The woman who is “blessed of all women” is barely a footnote in her own story. Yes, I said it. The story of the Chosen One cannot be told without the chosen woman. Even in the gospel of Matthew, the genealogy of Joseph doesn’t include one decedent of Mary’s, who is actually the only human who shares DNA with Jesus. Luke, in his gospel account, attempts to correct this oversight by highlighting this extraordinary woman, even including a song she penned to commemorate her being called to be the vessel to birth the Christ.

This Sabbath we will dissect the DNA of the “blessed” mother of Jesus, to learn how we too can live more merry (blessed) lives.